Japan is not a place where you can only do shopping. We offer a wide variety of exciting experience which allow you connect with local culture.


Ojiya Fabric (Shuku/ Tsumugi) Weaving

Being registered as National Intangible Cultural Heritage, the technique of pongee and fabric weaving in Ojiya city is featured of using natural material ramie with high permeability, which allows it to become the most popular fabric used in Japanese summer wears. Now you could make you own Shuku Fabric with using traditional weaver machine, with creating your own favorite patterns!

Niigata Hana-machi Cha-ya

(Dance performance of Furumachi Geigi)

Along with Gion in Kyoto and Shinbashi in Tokyo, the Furumachi district of Niigata is one of the three most prestigious areas in Japan for geisha since the Edo Period. You are invited to experience their warm hospitality and numerous traditional performance.


Founded in 1816, the craftsmanship and the beauty of copperware does not fade even after 20 decades. On the contrary, there is a life-giving energy in its every hand-made product, ranging from old-style kettle to western coffee pot, to artistic copper vase. You are invited to join its factory tour to feel the vitality of its copperware.

Suwada Open Factory

Suwada is featured for various crafts, especially clippers and scissors. As implied from its name, this factory is fully opened which allows visitors viewing from raw materials preparation to the finishing process with 100% handmade. Beside factory, there is a bar next to the show room, how about getting a cup of coffee made by tradition Italian coffee machine after the visit?

Saijo Kajidojyo

Located in Sanjo city, this dojyo exhibits 10 types of utensils which are registered as the national tradition crafts. Visitors are welcomed to participate the workshop where you could learn the making technique of paper knife and Japanese traditional building nails.

Marunao Open Factory

Founded in 1939, the expertise of Marunao is featuring in its wooden craftsmanship. In this open factory, the secret of Marunao is fully revealed to visitors with showing the process of cutting, shaping and finishing.

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