Various of joyful events

held in Niigata throughout the year. You are invited to join the most local festivals. Time to check your calendar to mark down your favorite one.

Uonuma Moss Phlox Festival

Be surrounded by over 1.6 hundred thousand of colorful moss phlox!! In this festival you are free to capture the beauty of flowers with your camera and enjoy your picnic food. You could additionally join the aromatic course in the garden.

Katakai Festival

In Edo Period, this festival was held for religious purpose; while this tradition has continued till nowadays. This festival is highlighted with launching 15,000 fireworks within 2 days. You could enjoy watching the world largest firework display with diameter 800m in Ojiya city.

Nagaoka Matsuri Giant Fireworks Festival

One of the Best-3 firework festivals found in Japan. With launching over 20,000 fireworks, you will be encircled by the giant firework display with 1.7km in diameter to celebrate the night of mid-summer.

Naeba Snow Festival

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Thousands of must-see fireworks in Naeba Snow Festival attract vast numbers of people to the region every year.; while revelers are offered to enjoy a variety of fun and attractive events.

Tashiro Snow Illumination

Highlighting the illumination of candles and Yuzawa winter fireworks display, this fantastic event also offers visitors free samples of locally produced sake and sweet wine (amazake) , of course with a lucky draw as well.

The 51th Yuzawa Nakasato Snow Carnival

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Like all snow festival, this event features not only a winter fireworks display, but also rice cake “Mochi” pounding, torch bearing skiers, a lucky draw and free taste of local Japanese sake. Food stalls open for business even in late night.

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